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Getting Started

When starting your project, deciding what to sell, keep, donate, or throw away can be difficult and overwhelming. Moving and storage are pricey especially if there’s labor involved. Jumping in without a strategy can affect you and your family emotionally as well as financially.  


Our mission is to maximize the value of your belongings while also reducing your moving and storage expenses. This can be done in a variety of combined ways which is where folks like us come in handy.  Let us come to you.  Every job is unique so let us sit with you to understand what your needs are. 


Depending on how much time you have, we can combine various “sell it where it is” events such as “buyer by appointment” sales,  Virtual Estate Sales, Virtual Auctions and other solutions that will not conflict with HOA and 55+ community rules.

Before the selling starts, we can work with you to sort what’s rubbish, what’s personal and what’s valuable. We can ship or deliver personal items to family members locally, across the country or internationally.  After everything is grouped properly, we can remove, recycle or donate what’s not sellable, we can box up and store what’s personal and then research, price, photograph and inventory what is valuable. We can provide our services on-site or take everything to a different location. 

When you're ready for the selling to start you can do it on your own or have us help with part or all of the selling. We can bring items to auction or have them sold in consignment stores or local markets.  We can determine what sells best online or in person and even convert your storage units into stores.  Every situation is unique which is why we're creative and flexible.  

Some jobs need to be done quickly while others allow time for us to save you money.  The more time that we have to organize and market your estate, the better value you’ll receive for your items and the less expensive your project may become.

We treat each project as if you were our family. Let us balance your needs with your schedule and your budget.  We truly do want to help.

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