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Consignment FAQ

New to Online & Offline Selling? We are here to help!

How do I get the most money for my items?

Be sure to include all original documentation or packaging along with your items. Also, clean items sell for more than dirty items, so take some time to remove dust or dirt. 


Will My Item Sell?

Some items sell well online while others tend to sell better in person. We'll work with you to identify what makes sense to sell and where. We'll also let you know what traditionally will cost you money if you hold assuming it will be worth selling in time. 

What Happens If My Item Doesn't Sell?

If your items do not sell within the agreed time frame, we may offer to extend the time frame or provide options to sell at auction where buyers determine the market price. We may also be able to offer a buy-out bid or we may suggest donating or discarding items that are too costly to store, especially if the buyers are not offering buy-out bids. Each situation is different but we will certainly do our best to get the best value for your items or point out items that may cost you to hold onto in the hopes they'll sell in the future. 

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